The menu stands out because it has a big variety of crêpes: almost 30 kinds of savory crêpes and more than 20 of sweets.
We can prepare
all our products
to take away too

Savory crêpes.
We use ingredients like poached, bechamel sauce, spinach, mushroom, cheese, cooked ham, eggs, tomato, aubergine, onion, sausage, chicken, beef, tuna, salmon, a caviar substitute, prawn, Roquefort sauce, sweet-and-sour sauce, honey, nuts, peppers, etc. The combination of ingredients will delight anyone who come Crêperie La Agüelita Luisa. We also have delicious salads to go with the crêpes, traditional drinks, cider, wine, beer, although our specialty is natural juices and iced drinks, which combine a variety of ways. We also produce caipirinha, daiquiri and champagne cocktail, with a long tradition in our local.

Sweet crêpes.
We select suggestive ingredients and flavors like whipped cream, dark and white chocolate, cinnamon, caramel, fresh fruit, condensed milk, caramel spread, sweet made of pumpkin and syrup, natural lemon, cream, honey, chestnut cream, walnut, raspberry, pineapple, banana, almonds, apple compote, spirits such as rum or Grand Marnier, etc. We can make delicious combinations with all of them that may go with flambe of liquor to give the touch that only Crêperie La Agüelita Luisa knows how to.

Casillas de Prats, 9 18002 Granada. 958 25 55 18.